ALCOMEX SPRINGS 25 years of cooperation and partnership

Mr. Fred Baas and his wife Mrs. Gera Baas

On the 19th of May Alcomex celebrated its 25th Anniversary. The founder and previous owner Mr. Fred Baas and his wife Mrs. Gera Baas, together with the new co-owners Mr. Conrad Hietink and Mr. Jelle van Vliet, celebrated the anniversary with the Dutch team in Opmeer, with a morning of fun and celebrations.

25 Years ago Alcomex The Netherlands was founded by Mr. Fred Baas and the late Mr Kalkhuis, who passed away in 2012.

For over a period of 25 years together they have built a dynamic company specialized in R&D, production, distribution and sales of a wide range of customized springs and standard spring products on the European market. Over time a company was built with modern R&D, production and distribution centers in Opmeer (Netherlands), Brno (Czech Republic), Goch (Germany), Zielonka (Poland), Nędza (Poland), Pune (India) and lately also in Paris (France).
In July 2016 Mr. Fred Baas handed over the ownership of the company to Mr. Conrad Hietink and Mr. Jelle van Vliet who continued Alcomex on its successful path. The dynamic culture, which has been built by the employees of Alcomex, secured Alcomex success. Without its employees Alcomex would not have been where it’s now after 25 years.

On the morning of the celebration, as a gratitude for everything that the employees have contributed to Alcomex, Mr. Fred Baas made a very memorable speech and thanked the Alcomex employees. After the speech Mr. and Mrs. Baas handed out special presents to the employees which consisted – among other things – a special silver minted anniversary coin showing Mr. Baas and Mr. Kalkhuis (thefounders).

We would like to thank all customers, suppliers, employees for their contribution to Alcomex’s first 25 years. We are looking forward to continue the good cooperation for the next 25 years!